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International Women Pilots Organization

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Activities in Support of our Mission:

Provide support, encouragement and networking opportunities for women pilots

We organize fun and educational activities for our members, including fly-outs, tower tours, safety seminars and travel to many general aviation destinations. We've been to Sun 'N Fun, the National Air and Space Museum at Dulles and the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier in New York, and we've toured the Lycoming factory in Williamsport, to name a few.

We have members at all levels, from student pilot to ATP, so you're sure to find a study partner, safety pilot, or advice and encouragement from someone who's had similar experiences.

Educate youth about aviation

We've given presentations at schools and hosted airport visits for girl and boy scouts. We developed curriculum and gathered materials for lessons on the physics of flight, parts of the aircraft, instruments and navigation. From 2001 - 2008 we held an annual "Take Flight Day" for Great Valley Girl Scouts (and received a partner award in 2006). We also received the Aviation Education Award from the Pennsylvania Aviation Council in 2002. If you know of a school or other youth group that would like to learn about aviation, email us at

Promote general aviation in the community

We've participated in airport open houses, science fairs and other public events, and we've been the subject of local news articles through our outreach events and simply as women pilots. Those of us who work outside of aviation represent general aviation to friends, coworkers and everyone else we contact.

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